4YFN 2022 

Barcelona Health Hub participates in 4YFN 2022!

Barcelona Health Hub is proud to participate in the next edition of 4YFN, the startup business platform! The event will take place in the context of the Mobile World Congress 2022 from 28th February to 3rd March 2022.

BHH shines a spotlight on our members in the Digital Health area at the #BHHExpo. In this great stand 6D60 at the Digital Health Area in Hall 6 you can visit BHH and get to know the members that are coming with us to the conference.

BHH members AstraZeneca, Ayo, B.Braun, BITAC, DKV, Doole Health, Edryx Healthcare, Gloria Digital, IOMED Medical Solutions, Mapfre, MatchTrial, Mediktor, Medxat, MeetingDoctors, Nammu, Oracle, Qualud, Robin Hat, Sense4Care, Stalicla and Xpeer Medical Education are all joining BHH to this great event.



Barcelona Health Hub organizes various #BHHPanels about different topics regarding digital health as well. Come and experience the #BHHPanels every day at 10hrs at the stage of Dayone, and at 12hrs at the stage of BStartup. Make sure you be there too!


February 28th at 10:00 am CET on the stage of Dayone

#BHHPanel Investment

Do you want to know what funding options are available to you? In this panel, we will discuss the different options available to entrepreneurs who need financial support to take their companies to the next level. 

February 28th at 12:00 am CET on the stage of BStartup

#BHHPanel Digital Health Trends in Insurance

Insurance companies have innovated a lot in the last two years. Especially offering new digital health services to their members. Learn from the industry experts what are the trends in the market!

March 1st at 10:00 am CET on the stage of Dayone

#BHHPanel: Barcelona Capital of Digital Health

Barcelona has all the elements to play a key role for the development of Digital Health technology at a global scale. The city combines a very good medical scientific reputation, a vibrant startup ecosystem and local health corporations headquarters. Together it makes Barcelona a great candidate to become a digital health capital of the world. Find out what are the key elements that empower Barcelona as a Digital Health Capital!

March 1st at 12:00 am CET on the stage of BStartup

#BHHPanel: From Startup to Scaleup

When a startup reaches a certain level of funding and traction we then call them scaleups. What are the challenges of these scaleups? Is Barcelona a good place to scaleup? What are the markets this scaleups target? Find out more in this panel!

March 2nd at 10:00 am CET on the stage of Dayone

#BHHPanel Digital Health Trends in Pharma

Digital Health is growing in the Pharma industry. Digital Therapeutics, new ways to interacting with patients... we are seeing lots of action. Learn what's happening from experts from this industry in this #BHHPanel!

March 2nd at 12:00 am CET on the stage of BStartup

#BHHPanel Clinical Validation for Digital Health Startups

Most of the Digital Health startups struggle with the same challenge: how do we clinically validate our solution before we are out of cash? Classical clincial validation process takes a lot of time. Is there a way to make it more quickly? Can hospitals benefit from this need? What diferentiates the clincial validation for Digital Health from other validations performed in the hospitals? Find out more in this #BHHPanel!

March 3rd at 10:00 am CET on the stage of BStartup

#BHHPanel Telemedicine 2.0

Covid has forced telemedicine adoption, which is a global trend that came to stay. But how are these solutions evolving? What are the main trends? What does telemedicine 2.0 looks like? Discover it in this #BHHPanel about telemedicine!

March 3rd at 12:00 am CET on the stage of BStartup

#BHHPanel Investment

This panel provides tips for entrepreneurs looking to finance their company. In this session, experienced investors will share the key facts they look for to invest in a specific startup: the does and don'ts & key learnings!


February 28th - March 1st

#BHHExpo on Monday and Tuesday

Come and meet the BHH members at the #BHHExpo on MONDAY and TUESDAY: Mapfre, B.Braun, Oracle for Startups, Edryx Healthcare, Mediktor, Doole Health, Sense4Care, MatchTrial, Nammu. Stalicla R&D and Medxat.

March 2nd - March 3rd

#BHHExpo on Wednesday and Thursday

Come and meet the BHH members at the #BHHExpo on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY: DKV, IOMED Medical Solutions, AYO, Xpeer Medical Education, Gloria Digital, BITAC, MeetingDoctors, Oracle for Startups, Robin Hat and Qualud.

#BHHTour on Monday and Wednesday

Do you want to meet Barcelona Health Hub’s startups and corporates at 4YFN? Join* the exclusive #BHHTour for BHH members and discover & connect with interesting companies! In this exclusive 1-hour tour, BHH’s General Manager Eva Rosell introduces you to BHH's startups and corporates. Discover everything the BHH members have to offer and let's connect! (*registration has closed on February 21)