HealthTech Summit (HTS) 20/20 – Discounts for BHH startups!

On 5th and 6th of March it will take place the HealthTech Summit 2020 in Barcelona, and the startups Members of BHH can benefit of a special 30% off on the Pitching offer.

The Global Health Insurance marketplace is ever-changing, like digital technology, higher customer expectations and increased competition by the Tech Giants transforms the industry.

The HTS20/20 is a high-profile business gathering where the brightest minds from the European health insurance segment will present their own success stories and case studies on how to keep Health Insurance
affordable with process optimization.

You will also learn how to speed up the claims process and fight fraudsters with the help of Big Data Analytics and AI and will take a look at the role of insurers in the emerging connected health ecosystem. Furthermore, HTS20/20 offers a great opportunity to network with industry peers coming from the leading European companies and formulate new strategies and business models in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Join the HTS20/20 to get up to speed on all the latest tech innovations which are reshaping the sector, learn how to better address the customer’s demands for more personalized offers and how to optimize your
pricing and cost containment strategies for increased profitability.

To register and get the tickets, please email directly to




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