#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – DigiMevo & UNESCO

DigimEvo and UNESCO’s Audiovisual Platform join forces in the fight against “coronabulos”.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that viruses not only spread between living beings, but also have their digital version on social networks. Aware of the public health problem it represents, DigimEvo and the UNESCO International Centre for Audiovisual Creativity-Audiovisual Platform have decided to put a stop to misinformation in times of the coronavirus.

They have created the largest audiovisual library of validated content on the coronavirus. In addition, it is the first online video platform that has an intelligent search engine that allows you to locate the specific information within each video giving the exact minute and second where it is located.

The audiovisual library is open to everyone and can be accessed here. It also has an exclusive area for health professionals that allows access to exclusive content for health professionals in each area. They can also prescribe educational videos for patients and personalize the user experience by creating lists of related videos according to each profile.

They encourage any institution, organization, company that generates audiovisual content, medical center, etc. to visit the audiovisual platform and publish the content through the coronavirus channel.

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