Y tu, te unes al proyecto #YoPacienteDigital?

The Spanish newspaper El País has published an interesting article about the regulation of telemedicine.

It states that the recent boom in online consultations highlights the risks to which healthcare companies are subject due to the legal limbo in which much of this activity is still carried out. Telemedicine is a practice with immense potential that is in full development, which shows the need for regulations that not only cover current questions, but also anticipate them.

The article points out the need for the project #YoPacienteDigital that Barcelona Health Hub recently launched together with ESADE. The project will propose international success stories and proposals for improving the Spanish healthcare system through telemedicine. The aim is to present it to the authorities in order to influence the regulation of virtual medical consultation.

This project is important for the entire digital health ecosystem. Is your company interested to contribute to this important #YoPacienteDigital project? Get on board now and send an email to info@barcelonahealthhub.com.