Digital Insurance Agenda features the interview with Generali about #YoPacienteDigital

Recently, Barcelona Health Hub member Digital Insurance Agenda has endorsed the importance of the #YoPacienteDigitial project. The organization, which organises events for insurtech companies where you can discover the latest developments and innovations in the Industry, published an article about it on their website.

In the article, DIA gives visibility to the interview BHH recently had with María Parrilla, the Head of Health Business in Generali Spain. In the interview, Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance, talks with María about the importance of telemedicine.

Once Generali knew the existence of the #YoPacienteDigital study, it was an immediate decision to support it. The objectives of this project were perfectly aligned with the company’s strategy with regard to telemedicine, which is one of the pillars of Generali’s global strategy in Health Insurance. Furthermore, Generali expected that the results of the #YoPacienteDigital study will have a significant influence on the evolution of telemedicine in the national market, which would act as a lever to accelerate the digital transformation in the Health business.

The whole article is available here.