BIB and FCRI organize webinar on Industrial Doctorate grants in bioinformatics

The BIB and the FCRI organize a webinar next September 17 at 12.30 hrs CEST. This Industrial Doctorates webinar combines applied research in bioinformatics, retention of talent, and business innovation in collaboration with the country’s research system.

Can you benefit from the benefits of the subsidized program? Join this WebinarDI, co-organized by BIB and FCRI and learn from the experiences of Dr. Toni Manzano from Bignifite about innovation in bioinformatics. Toni will explain about how the Industrial Doctorates can help in the projects of applied research in bioinformatics. He will also talk about what the interesting questions are to be able to access the foreseen adjustments.

The webinar is aimed at people from companies and institutions that promote projects of applied innovation in bioinformatics, university researchers, research centers, or technological centers for students/master’s degree students who want to promote or participate.

If this sounds like you, then don’t miss it! You can register here.

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