MeetingDoctors wins the Insurtech Startup Pitch Competition!

Barcelona Health Hub is proud to announce that MeetingDoctors is the winner of the Insurtech Startup Pitch Competition, held yesterday during the Spanish stop of the ITC + DIA World Tour.

MeetingDoctors brings quality healthcare solutions to your smartphone, and provide instant medical assistance to the patients. With unlimited consultations they provide a perfect digital healthcare solution with great customer satisfaction. The winning pitch of MeetingDoctors will be shown at both ITC Global (Sept 21-23) and at DIA Amsterdam (Nov 30-Dec 3).

You can watch the winning pitch by Nacho Bataller Jauma, Expansion Manager at MeetingDoctors, directly here! If you’re also interested in the pitches of competitors Bitac, Lisa Smart Insurance, Sherplay and SingularCover, then you can tune in here.

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