Agreement signed between BHH members Ferrer and HumanITcare

Ferrer, in their push towards innovation and the digitalization of healthcare, has signed an agreement with HumanITcare, both members of Barcelona Health Hub. With this agreement, healthcare professionals in ten different hospitals and in three different projects will use the platform of HumanITcare.

The first of these three projects is focused on cardiology. It will help providing and tracking the recovery of 60 patients affected by ischemic heart disease. These patients will be tracked with wearable devices as well as with videocalls during an 8-week rehabilitation program. Professionals will have easy access to this information so that they can provide a constant and accurate treatment.

The second project is focused on Covid-19. It will provide Bluetooth-connected pulse oximeters to seven hospitals to track post-COVID19 patients with respiratory ailments. The pulse oximeters will provide real-time information from patients, without the need of going to the hospital. The goal is detecting a possible hypoxemia.

The third project will help collect data from patients with chronic pain. Patients will provide their data once a day for a month through a form. Answered through the app, the form covers many aspects of the treatment, such as pain levels, feelings of nauseas, or the current mood of the patient.

Ferrer decided last May to not retake face-to-face visits from their patients until the health risks become low enough. This decision is the main motivation behind this agreement. According to Ricard Castillo, general director of Ferrer Spain: “With this agreement we are taking a step further in our promotion of digital health: we are committed to telemonitoring patients whose pathologies require continuous monitoring and who, in the current situation of health crisis, need, more than ever, innovative solutions that generate a positive impact in their health.”

At HumanITcare they are thankful of Ferrer for their trust in the platform. As for Nuria Pastor, general director: “The acceleration of digital health, motivated by the Covid-19 crisis, has become a turning point in patient management. It is now a necessity for hospitals, since it allows doctors to improve the quality of care, optimize hospital costs and obtain the patients’ data in real time, as well as empowering them on their health care.” According to both parties, this is no trivial agreement: digitalization of healthcare is not a trend, but an ongoing change in the whole healthcare sector.

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