Sanitas renews the collaboration agreement with Barcelona Health Hub

 The digital transformation in which Sanitas is immersed puts people at its core. For this reason, the company renews this collaboration agreement with Barcelona Health Hub to work together with other companies and start-ups in the development of activities and tools in digital health in order to be closer to clients and patients. Technology and innovation at the service of health and personal well-being that enable us to offer valuable differential services with a high impact.

Present at the signing of the renewal of this agreement were the Sanitas Director of the Barcelona area, Israel Ranero; Alfonso de Arteaga, the Sanitas Director of Clients for the northeast; the President of Barcelona Health Hub, Cristian Pascual and the CEO of Barcelona Health Hub, Luis Badrinas.

With the renewal of the agreement, Sanitas once again demonstrates its firm commitment to the development of activities aimed at improving people’s health and well-being. 

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