Barcelona Technology Transfer Group opens a new Call for Proposals

Barcelona Technology Transfer Group (BTTG) opens a new Call for Proposals. BTTG strives to select companies that are driving positive social, environment and healthcare change in order to solve some of the world´s most pressing Sustainability Challenges. Their alumni are working on advanced simulation to manage the increasing number of environment disasters, applying VR to human counselling to improve mental health, 3D printing for protein alternatives to meat, natural food coatings for produce to reduce food waste and much more.

Their graduates have gone on to raise in excess of €7m in private and public financing through a variety of debt and equity investors Europe wide. BTTG is committed to the continued support of their alumni to ensure that they hire fast, growth fast, and build sustainable companies.

If you have any late stage prototypes or early stage spinouts that you feel could benefit from the support of some of the world´s brightest MBA students and IESE´s extensive mentoring and investor network, please feel free to apply by contacting Luca Venza (

It is the 8th edition of the program and over the past 4 years, they have already worked with 25 spinouts/startups in the deep sciences. In 2020, BTTG was recognized as an “Innovation that Inspires” by the AACSB and continues to push the boundaries of experiential learning for early stage deep science startups. BTTG has partnered with the University of California-Berkeley and SkyDeck to provide their alumni better access to the US market.

For more information about the program you can go to their website. Don’t forget to apply before the deadline on December 6th! 

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