Next #BHHSeries on Wednesday January 20: Technology transfer in the health sector: an effective way to innovate?

Join us for the next #BHHSeries online event on Wednesday January 20 at 6pm CET and discover more about “Technology transfer in the health sector: an effective way to innovate?”

During this last year the need to accelerate the digital transformation in companies such as pharma, medtech, insurance companies, etc. became more evident than ever. The need to adapt to a changing and dynamic environment that advances at a very fast pace, tackling new challenges effectively. In parallel, universities and research centres are generating more and more science and technology that can provide an innovative response to market challenges.

How can we bring these two worlds closer together? What value can these scientific solutions bring to corporations in their digital transformation? How can we make these scientific solutions ready and fit the needs of the market?

In this new #BHHSeries, co-organized by The Collider, we will talk about technology transfer and the value that scientific projects born in universities or research centres can bring to industry. The Collider, together with experts from the scientific and corporate world, will share their experience over the last few years, acting as a bridge between the two environments.

In this episode moderater Aline Noizet, Chief International Officer at Barcelona Health Hub, will talk with experts from the sector:

Join this event to see how your company can benefit from the innovative technologies and solutions created in the scientific world! This episode will be in Spanish. We hope to see you on Wednesday January 20 at 6pm CET here!

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