DKV Innolab for digital health enters as a CATalyzer in the EIT Bridgehead programme

At the beginning of 2020, BHH member DKV set up a wonderful space inside the pavilion of Barcelona Health Hub in the Sant Pau modernist site. This DKV Innolab for digital health is a centre created to generate practical knowledge, researching and analysing emerging trends, involving all users, professionals, associations and companies from different areas with the aim of creating solutions with the right partners.

This DKV Innolab stands in the spotlight now, because it has joined the EIT Bridgehead programme as a CATalyzer. Among the opportunities offered to EIT Health partners is the Bridgehead start-up accelerator programme. This programme is focused on paving the way for promising and mature healthcare start-ups to expand internationally and reach new markets, as well as helping them to achieve tangible commercial results in European and global markets.

As a CATalyzer, DKV Innolab will support companies in the Spanish market, providing support and assistance in business development and in the definition of market entry strategies, providing our ecosystem of partners and target audiences.

Interested? You can read more about it here!

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