Are you ready for the 2021 Roche Diabetes Care Innovation Challenge?

Roche Diabetes Care, a global leader in integrated Personalized Diabetes Management (iPDM), has collaborated with BHH partner MATTER, to explore, source and pilot digital and device-enabled solutions or services in the field of Diabetes Care.

For people diagnosed with diabetes who are at various points along their journey, managing the risks for complications can be just as critical as addressing the underlying disease itself. Helping people assess the severity of their risk, and monitor and limit risk progression therefore becomes an important element of an overall diabetes management solution.

Therefore, the 2021 Roche Diabetes Care Innovation Challenge is seeking novel tools, services and approaches that address one or a combination of the following tracks:

  1. Track 1: How might we more effectively monitor the progression of risks in people with diabetes in order to delay or stop the onset of complications and comorbidities, and prevent acute hospital admissions? Seeking novel monitoring solutions, digital biomarkers or engagement solutions
  2. Track 2: How might we empower people with diabetes and their providers to proactively manage multiple and concurrent diabetes-related risks in a way that strengthens vigilance and coordination of care, and that supports a better quality of life? Seeking novel engagement solutions, dashboards or management/coordination tools/platforms
  3. Track 3: How might we enable smarter and more targeted interventions that slow, stop, or reverse the progression of diabetes-related risks prior to their transition to full onset complications and comorbidities? Seeking novel digital tools or interventions, engagement solutions or algorithms supporting population-based risk models

The 2021 Roche Diabetes Care Innovation Challenge is open to startups with established proof-of-concept, evidence of product-market fit and business model potential, and those that are actively seeking pilot opportunities. Interested? Make sure to apply before the deadline of May 26!

More information and application you can find here.