DKV allies with Qida and extends its services into home care – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH members DKV and Qida have signed an agreement to offer a home care service to chronic patients managed by DKV, as well as to users of its health centers.

The agreement enables the users of DKV health centers, especially complex chronic patients, to be offered coordinated and integrated home care with follow-up care. The alliance also makes it possible to provide the DKV Group’s insured portfolio with access to Qida‘s home care services.

Qida has already cared for more than 2,500 families in the last three years. “This is a key agreement in Qida’s long-term strategy; we believe in health and social integration and in the home as the first level of care for people in situations of dependency or advanced chronicity,” explains the company’s CEO, Oriol Fuertes.

Qida has recently received 1.3 million euros from the Government through the Saadss Fund Call of the Ministry of Social Rights. This investment is in addition to the financing round of more than €3 million, led by Creas Impacto, which the company closed in 2020. This investment will allow finalizing the development of Qida’s application, which will make it possible to advance in the possible decompensations of the cared person at home, enhance a community of caregivers and facilitate the experience of the user and their family environment with the company.

Qida closed 2020 with a gross turnover of ten million euros. The company includes the amount paid by the families of the residents, the salaries of the caregivers and the monthly fees it collects. The figure achieved in 2019 slightly exceeded four million euros.