BHH president Cristian Pascual talks about digital health in interview by PlantaDoce

After the recent launch of the strategic plan of Barcelona Health Hub, BHH president Cristian Pascual was interviewed by PlantaDoce, the online newspaper specialized in the healthcare business.

In this interview, Cristian states that digital health brings scalability and efficiency to the system, two measures that are very much needed. However, generating any change takes time. Private healthcare is already making great use of digital channels of contact with patients. He believes that it is necessary for public administrations also to make more use of the tools available to accelerate digitalization in healthcare.

According to Cristian, the problem with public healthcare is that it is not designed to be innovative from a technological point of view. “At Barcelona Health Hub (BHH) we want to take the lead in this transformation. The key is technology transfer, to ensure that the innovations that are created reach the patient. That is where we want to help, to align all the actors in the system.”

If you want to read the whole article (in Spanish), please see here. To discover more about the BHH strategic plan, check out the video below: