Do you know ROSIA, a European health innovation project?

The Department of Health of Aragon is leading the European project ROSIA. It is a project with the ambitious goal of designing the rehabilitation services of the future in more isolated rural areas. The objective is focused on enabling people living in more depopulated areas far from cities to benefit from intelligent tele-rehabilitation services. These new designs will, on the one hand, take advantage of new technologies, integrate social and health and even community services found in their villages and towns. But they will be prescribed and supervised by the rehabilitators who are in their referral care centers.

The intention is that the platform that supports this project will allow the validation of these new tele-rehabilitation devices or technologies so that they can be used in these environments, and can be prescribed by healthcare professionals.

They are looking for solutions based on disruptive technologies in the field of rehabilitation, incorporating virtual reality, depth cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence, etc. But there are also solutions that have to do with the integration of social and health services (mainly municipal) with the so-called community assets such as, for example, an hour of gymnastics in a sports center or a swimming class, which can be included in the rehabilitation record of each patient and be followed by his or her rehabilitation specialist from the reference center. Others are closely related to the follow-up and motivation of those services that the patient will develop at home.

How can a company participate in this project, in this first phase? 

With the dual objective of disseminating the ROSIA project and its opportunities and to learn about the issues and market approaches to it, the project partners are organizing a Preliminary Market Consultation (OMC). The OMC will be launched on July 12.

Prior to that, an online event will be organized. Participants get the opportunity to share with ROSIA partners and event attendees the activity of their organization and their possible contribution to this project. To participate, you will have to register before the start of the event at this link. You will have between 5 and 10 minutes (depending on the number of entities interested in presenting). In Spain, the event will be organized on June 16 at 10:00 hrs CEST. Don’t miss it and sign up!