BHH Startups – Save Autónomos

BHH Startups – Save Autónomos

As part of the BHH Series Show & Tell with BStartup at 4YFN, our startups could showcase their projects.

Save Autónomos is a platform that offers the best personal insurance for the different situations and lifestyles of the self-employed.

In Spain, there are 3.2 million self-employed workers, of which, according to the INE, a large majority (86%) pay the minimum contribution. However, the current Social Security system means that freelancers and the self-employed are unprotected against setbacks during our working life. Save Autónomos reinforces the benefits to guarantee reinforced protection for sick leave, accidents, illness, or life in this environment.

Company introduction by Alejandro Albouy Aznárez, CEO and Co_Founder of Save Autónomos

Thanks to Barcelona Health Hub and BStartup for presenting our project – Safe Autónomos/ Safe Freelancers.

I am Alix, CEO and co-founder of the company. Save Autónomos is an insurance solution focused on the self-employed. It covers the gaps that exist in the public system. A few years ago, I had an accident, an operation on my knee. I was unable to work for two months, and the truth is that the help I received from the state was relatively poor. I have been thinking about all this for a long time, and it was my good fortune two years ago to join with my two partners with David with Javier. We started to develop a business plan and business model to see if it was viable to give coverage to the European freelancers.

Freelance workers in Europe are a population that is continually growing. So we started to look at the market, and we realized that the self-employed pay taxes like everyone else, but we have a disadvantage if we have problems during our work life or in our retirement, we are unprotected. For example, eighty percent of self-employed in Spain pay the minimum quota and the same throughout Europe. So, as a result, we are unprotected when we go on disability or cannot work.

We have launched in January of this year the first stage of our roadmap. We have launched an insurance solution focused on the self-employed to cover any problem they may have during their working life. we have established a three-in-one insurance solution –

  • accident insurance
  • insurance for permanent disabilities
  • life insurance

Since January, we have demonstrated a proven business model. We have recurring income. We are the only one in the Spanish market that sells insurance 100% online.

With this, we continue to grow the project to develop new products for both the working life of the self-employed and their future retirement.

In this first stage, we have had the support of AXA. They have been advisors analyzing the pros and cons of our business model. Moving forward, we have decided to partner with a single company due to software integration issues.

As of today, we have had revenues of 550,000 euros in the first six months.

Here is our team – 

Javier Cuezva has been in the insurance industry for more than 30 years and was the first insurance industry to have been the first brokerage in Spain during the first 2000s.

David Iglesias Recasens, our CTO, has been a computer engineer for more than 20 years in the startup world.

We are now seeking our first round of funding. Those focused on attracting new clients, internationalization, talent acquisition, and product development for the self-employed when working and at the end of his working life.

Thank you very much, and thanks again to Barcelona Health Hub and Banco Sabadell for giving us the possibility to present.

Thank you very much to all of you.

BHH Startups – Save Autónomos