BHH Startups - Qualud

BHH Startups – Qualud

As part of the BHH Series Show & Tell with BStartup at 4YFN, our startups could showcase their projects.

Eudald Mas, CEO of Qualud introduced the company.

I am here to introduce Qualud. We work as a design and development company focused on the healthcare sector. We want to assist healthcare organizations with implementing digital solutions to solve real-world problems of the healthcare sector. To do that, we rely on research as the basis of innovation. In addition, we take a patient-centric approach where we put the people at the center of each development to create unique experiences and deliver disruptive technologies that result in a real impact in the hospitals.

We improve user experience through the use of digitalization and gamification of healthcare platforms. Furthermore, we focus on APIs to ensure our solutions are compatible with healthcare systems across Barcelona.

Our projects include –

  • A platform for Vall d’Hebron Hospital to assist patients during bariatric surgery. This platform integrates an App for patients and a monitoring Backoffice for clinical professionals; it will be evaluated in a pilot to validate an increase in patient adherence to their treatment. In addition, it empowers them to improve their healthy lifestyle habits.
  • A platform for mental health support for new mothers dealing with post-partum depression.
  • Predict Assistance is a patient monitoring platform for healthcare professionals and families to monitor the health and well-being of patients. The platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms to make predictions about possible crises or relapses and prevent emergency situations.
  • Lactapp is a pioneering application in reporting and solving questions about breastfeeding and motherhood in a personalized way. It has the endorsement of professionals in the area of lactation and, currently, it has more than 200.000 downloads on IOS and Android.

Qualud has a multidisciplinary team with more than 10 years of experience working in the healthcare sector from different perspectives.

Services include –

Health Apps · User Experience · Diagnosis Sensoring · Pharmaceutical Industry · Technical Development · Wereables · Diseases Monitoring · Research · User Discovery · Clinical Trials

  BHH Startups – Qualud