BHH Startups - Sana Digital Clinic

BHH Startups – Sana Digital Clinic

As part of the BHH Series Show & Tell with BStartup at 4YFN, our startups could showcase their projects.

Roberto Gallardo, Co-Founder of Sana Digital Clinic

We started our project in 2018. We launched with the idea of democratizing health by making it accessible for everyone, anywhere in the world. We focused on health problems for patients that could be addressed by telemedicine.

There were many challenges in the standard care model –

  • Patients had great difficulty getting appointments with primary care providers and specialists  
  • The transportation issues to and from the health care provider.
  • Shifting revenue models from volume care to value-based care.

We examined these trends and others anticipated for the next 10 or 20 years. We noticed a significant shift in the industry to telehealth led by freelancers and millennials who expect technology solutions to previously noted concerns.

We developed a solution in response where patients can consult with caregivers from more than 150 countries, offering 24/7 consultations with a specialist in your language and with payment options to match the currency selection of the professional in their respective countries.

The platform offers video consultations and the ability to rate the experience. The platform is accessible from any mobile device. Users can find practitioners using QR codes tied to the professional and make an appointment for a consultation.

We are launching a new product offering the most complete digital health platform on the market. Integrated services focused on customer experience. Patients are ultimately customers who make decisions based on user experience. We offer the platform to all Spanish-speaking countries.

Beyond the healthcare provider, we offer a holistic approach to health. Thus we also have integrations with gyms and other wellness venues. We have a presence in 50 countries we have more than 3,000 professionals in our directory.

According to Deloitte, in the next four years, 78% of the consultations will be remote. By leveraging professionals worldwide, we can offer lower costs to the consumer with providers on call 24/7.

We are designing the future medicine in the palm of your hand.

BHH Startups – Sana Digital Clinic