WHO & Computer Aided Sperm Analysis – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Computer aided sperm analysis is capable of measuring sperm parameters such as motility, morphology, vitality etc. quantitatively and accurately. The question is to what extent does WHO 4, 5 and 6 accept CASA technology as both a diagnostic and a clinical tool? BHH member Microptic has published an intersting article about it.

Most of the WHO laboratory examinations for semen analysis have been based on manual assessment of different sperm traits such as motility grades as well as the determination of the percentage normal sperm as examples. In contrast, particularly in the last decade some CASA systems such as the Sperm Class Analyzer has automated modules for vitality, fragmentation, acrosome reaction and leukocyte count apart from the well-established sperm concentration/motility and morphology CASA modules.

In view of the above points raised, what is the status of CASA related to the WHO manuals for semen analysis? Find out this and much more in the full article here!