Coming soon: #MeetTheMembers

Last year, Barcelona Health Hub reached an impressive total of 300 members, including startups, corporations, health organizations, universities and investors. All BHH’s valued members are linked to the healthcare sector and together we work towards innovation in digital health. Now it’s time to meet them!

In the coming months, BHH will show you short interviews with each member in a random order. The members will tell you about their work, their biggest successes and failures, and much more. Keep track of the hashtag #MeetTheMembers and learn more about our digital health ecosystem. You can watch and read all interviews here!

Do you want to be featured too? Become a member of BHH and we’ll interview you too! You can sign up as a BHH member here. Are you already a BHH member? No worries, we’ll get in touch with you soon!