BHH member Nubentos closes its second round with Startupxplore – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Nubentos puts the finishing touch to 2021, achieving the financial goals that were set at the beginning of the year, successfully closing the seed round with the Equity Crowdfunding campaign launched with Startupxplore.

The round of 500,000 euros has been led by Ops Capital and completed with Startupxplore, where, among other small investors, CloudAppi, the company specialized in API technology, has participated. Nacho Ormeño, CEO of Startupxplore, was pleased with the deal: “I am a firm believer that one of the best ways to generate prosperity in our society is to put private savings to work in entrepreneurial projects that are worth funding.”

This round is joined by the Enisa public loan that Nubentos has also obtained in the second half of the year. Both capital injections will allow the Andalusian startup to continue its growth and consolidate the traction started this year.

“We are very happy with the evolution we have had this year,” says Manuel Morales, CEO of the company. “We have created 5 jobs, we have multiplied by 3 the signed providers, by more than 5 the innovations present in our catalog, and by 20 the user accounts in our platform with an average monthly growth of 10%. And we are in 12 countries without having invested a penny in internationalization. The future looks extremely promising for Nubentos.”

With clients signed in the Insurance, ICT and Hospital sectors, Nubentos expects to incorporate clients from the Pharma and Telemedicine sectors in the new fiscal year, and scale its income thanks to its business model based on pay per use of the most advanced innovations in Digital Health, and its innovative approach to the integration model of these solutions in any Healthcare software.

“Our focus is now on accelerating the entire process and scaling it up as quickly as possible,” says the head of the project, who also announces an important boost to the establishment of strategic partnerships that will further reinforce the startup’s growth in the coming years.