Eva Rosell joins the BHH team to enhance its strategic position

Barcelona Health Hub is proud to announce that Eva Rosell has joined the BHH team as General Manager. Eva will dive into the BHH strategic plans and help turn Barcelona Health Hub into a global benchmark as a Digital Health Hub.

Eva, welcome! We are very fortunate to have you on board. Could you please introduce yourself?

My professional background is a bit special. I started in the luxury sector within the retail sector and suddenly, with the boom of coupon companies, I joined the LetsBonus adventure in 2010. It was an exciting experience. In record time we opened in many countries and we had a brutal growth. I always say that for me it was the “Masia of Ecommerce”. Then I made the leap to Atrápalo, a start-up with more than 20 years of history. I lead the entire Activities division in .com and Latam under the leadership of CEO Manuel Roca. Atrápalo is a big family where your day to day life is like coming home. Later I arrived at Tech Barcelona as Director of Strategic Projects where I have spent almost my last three years at Pier01.

What will you bring to Barcelona Health Hub?

I have been working in the digital/technology sector for more than 15 years and I have a very transversal vision of all sectors. In the last three years, my experience in negotiating with memberships and technology partners has become my day-to-day work. Helping clients in their digital transformation has been my duty and proposing new challenges and seeing their Road Map together has been my commitment. I hope I can do the same here. I am energetic, enthusiast and I try to look at things with a sense of humor. I also believe strongly in teamwork and try to create a family ambiance. At the same time I have a creative and supportive side that I would like to bring to BHH. I hope you don’t get tired of my hyperactivity sometimes!

What challenges and opportunities do you foresee?

There is a tremendous opportunity for BHH right now to grow and establish itself as a hub of reference in the health sector. Not only in the city of Barcelona, but also nationally and internationally. BHH aims to become the largest hub of innovation in digital health through its strategic approach, and I am going to contribute to this. I would stick to three key pillar: GROW, REGULATE and CONSOLIDATE.

Where do you want to take Barcelona Health Hub in the future?

In the coming years, the goal is to turn Barcelona Health Hub into a global benchmark as a Digital Health Hub. Through technological transfer, the establishment of a reference center of digital health knowledge, the creation of an incubator and last but not least, global expansion, I will try to play my part, together with the rest of the BHH team.

The BHH team from left to right: Inés de Albert, Cristian Pascual, Belén Muñoz, Luis Badrinas, Eva Rosell, Júlia Mulet, Marja Huiskamp and Oscar García-Esquirol.