B. Braun joins Barcelona Health Hub to promote technological and digital innovation in the healthcare sector

The alliance will provide knowledge sharing and the creation of synergies with emerging companies, large corporations, researchers and other stakeholders in digital healthcare field established in Barcelona.

B. Braun is now part of the Barcelona Health Hub (BHH), the city’s first technology association in the field of digital health. Last Friday the company became a corporate member of the non-profit organization whose objective is to give a national and international boost to innovation and digital health created in Barcelona. As a corporate member, B. Braun will have access to leading start-ups and will share knowledge with other partners with the idea of accelerating the processes of creating new projects related to technology and digital health. In the words of Dr. Martin H. Wenderoth, Managing Director of the Ibero-Latin America Region: “We are living in times of change, where new technologies are driving the digital transformation of Health and the Healthcare Systems. Our cooperation with the Barcelona Health Hub is a clear sign of B. Braun and expresses our willingness to actively participate and contribute to this change process.”

The alliance with BHH will allow B. Braun to be present in a place that brings together all the actors involved in the field of digital health: “Emerging companies, investors, large companies, researchers, universities, medical professionals and hospital institutions. A unique and ideal ecosystem for seeing, living and contributing to advance healthcare and to improve the health of people, our ultimate goal as company,” explains Dr. Wenderoth.

Barcelona Health Hub was created in 2018 and it’s located in the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, next to the Research Institute, the Faculty of Medicine and the College of Nursing, among other institutions that form a powerful breeding ground for knowledge and innovation. The association has the capacity to host more than 300 people in its facilities, including its own staff, associated companies and technological and health startups.

Visit www.bbraun.es for more information.


About Barcelona Health Hub

BHH is a non-profit association that was founded in 2018, whose purpose is to accelerate the transformation in digital health, fostering the interaction between startups, health corporations and investors. The organization’s goal is to become an international reference center in digital medicine, attracting innovation and talent.

In only one year, the Association has more than 160 members from wolrdwide (corporates, startups, investors, health institutions and universities), who enjoy and participate regularly in BHH digital health events and networking activities.

The entity is located in the impressive architectural complex devised by the Lluís Domenech i Muntaner, which was the Santa Creu and Sant Pau Hospital for almost 100 years. It occupies more than 2000 square meters of the Sant Manel Pavilion, combining Art Nouveau with the latest technology in coworking and showroom spaces.


From left to right: Mr. Joan Gancedo, Business Unit Manager Dialysis Division at BBraun; Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance; Josep Carbó, Vice President at Barcelona Health Hub and Global Business Development Director & Partner at Mediktor; Dr. Núria Ibáñez-García, PhD, Head of Global Product Management at BBraun; Gina Farrús, Chief Communication & Marketing Officer at Barcelona Health Hub; Dr. Martin H. Wenderoth, PhD, Managing Director of the Ibero-Latin America Region at BBraun; Mr. Josep Subirà, Managing Director AVITUM at BBraun; Dr. Pau Turon Dols, PhD (Chem), PhD (B.Adm.), VP Research and Development at BBraun; Mr. Juan Antonio Garrido, Managing Director AESCULAP at BBraun.



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