Barcelona Heath Hub and ESADE Creapolis join forces to analyse the challenges of telemedicine and to propose measures for its expansion

Barcelona Health Hub, ESADE Creapolis and the ESADE Institute for Healthcare Management conduct a study that analyses the barriers and the potential of virtual medical consultation within the healthcare system.
The objective of the report is to demonstrate the success stories, quantify their value and provide proposals to make telemedicine a reality. In the initial phase, a success story related to the current health crisis caused by COVID-19, will be analysed.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020.- Barcelona Health Hub (BHH), the first global technology association within the field of digital health, and ESADE Creapolis, the ESADE business innovation park, have launched an analysis regarding virtual medical consultation and its benefits for the healthcare system. The project, which has Community of Insurance as a partner, will be led by the ESADE Institute for Healthcare Management.

It is a comprehensive project that will include an academic, scientific, legal and social analysis of current barriers and it will propose international success stories and solutions so that virtual medical consultation can achieve the same legal validity as a face-to-face medical consultation within the Spanish healthcare system.

Luis Badrinas, the CEO of Barcelona Health Hub and Community of Insurance, has stated that the health crisis we are experiencing has accelerated the need to promote virtual medical consultation and we are convinced that by regulating telemedicine, access to healthcare systems will be considerably improved, both now and in the future.

Meanwhile, Oriol Alcoba, the CEO of ESADE Creapolis, added that this alliance arises with a long-term commitment to service to provide both the healthcare system and public opinion with the necessary tools for the analysis of experiences that have already worked in other countries and potential solutions to overcome the barriers that have impeded the development of telemedicine in our country.

The study will also analyse the value and economic return of an eventual implementation of virtual medical consultation. We want to provide healthcare systems with the knowledge and tools necessary, not only to improve doctor-patient care, but also to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, explained Manel Peiró, the Director of the ESADE Institute for Healthcare Management.  

The influence of Covid-19 in the digital transformation of the sector

The initial phase of the study will analyse a success story related to the current health crisis caused by COVID-19. Although the current situation has highlighted the current gap between the potential of telemedicine and the reality of the current system, this study is committed to going further. Current circumstances make it more evident that telemedicine is a key tool to make our healthcare system more accessible and scalable. The current crisis will accelerate the transformation of healthcare from face-to-face to virtual. In future health crises, telemedicine will be the first line of containment, highlighted Cristian Pascual, the President of Barcelona Health Hub. The adoption of telemedicine will have a great impact on society and will improve access to healthcare, making the system more scalable and sustainable,concluded Pascual.

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