Barcinno Celebrates the Success of Many of Our Members!

Barcinno, a collaborative platform that frequently shares news, knowledge and events of Barcelona’s startup, tech and innovation communities published a list of Barcelona’s 14 most disruptive healthtech startups; 8 of which are Barcelona Health Hub members.

The article praises the growth of Barcelona’s healthtech startup ecosystem, stating that “there are currently about 200 healthtech startups in the region, with 19% having reached advance stages of funding”. Moreover, it references the characteristics that make Barcelona a fantastic place for healthtech to prosper, including the city being ranked 8th in the world for its standard of healthcare and being home to 4 of the 10 best hospitals in Spain; the presence of some of the biggest national and international pharmaceutical companies and, finally, the existence of Barcelona Health Hub as an association with the objective of creating an ecosystem through which innovation in digital health can be accelerated.

Barcinno individually celebrates our members Psious and Mediquo as “The Big Players” explaining the projects of both startups.

“Psious is a Virtual Reality Therapy smartphone app, founded here in Barcelona. The app uses behavioural health and virtual reality technology to treat anxiety disorders, fears and phobias. It also promotes the practice of mindfulness and relaxation techniques. The app helps patients overcome conditions such as the fear of flying, acrophobia, claustrophobia and agoraphobia, using virtual reality exercises.


“Positioned as the WhatsApp of medicine, MediQuo is a medical consultation app that allows users to chat with doctors and specialists, 24 hours a day. Users can speak with a specialist doctor and receive an instant response within 2 minutes.


The article then continued on to list the 5 startups which are the ‘ones-to-watch’ according to their perspective, 4 of which are members of BHH; Mediktor, Medtep, WeFitter, Iomed:


“Mediktor, the only clinically-validated symptom checker for pre-diagnosis, triage and decision-making support, was founded in September 2011 by Oscar García-Esquirol. The technology combines AI, NLR and patient data to detect symptoms and suggest possible conditions and recommendations.


“Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in BCN, Medtep is a solution that allows doctors to monitor patients via an online tool that tracks medication adherence, symptoms, physical activity and other parameters. The solution, which can be customised for various conditions, is free for patients and doctors.”


“The startup motivating employees to live more active lifestyles, Barcelona-based WeFitter is helping companies reduce healthcare costs through gamification and health tracking data. Founded in April 2015, the health solution aggregates real-time data from health and fitness apps to give a complete view of a person’s health, enabling health insurers to reduce healthcare costs and increase profit margins.”


“Barcelona-based IOMED offers multiple solutions that apply artificial intelligence to clinical data in order to generate predictive algorithms. Founded in May 2016, IOMED was born out of a frustration regarding the need to manually analyse medical records. Its suite of tools transform information found in written medical records into structured data that can then be more easily analysed. Hospitals can then use that data to enhance results in clinical research procedures like clinical trials and studies.”

We recently interviewed Javier de Oca, IOMED’s Co-Founder and CEO, to find out more about IOMED and Javier’s forecast of the future that awaits the digital health sector.

Finally, the article ends by celebrating “The Newcomers” and “The Exits” including Medlia Health and Doctoralia respectively which are both also BHH members:


“Medlia Health digitalises care management and improves efficiencies via its 360° cloud-software solution. The online symptom-checking platform was founded by Patrick Freeman and Pablo Moga while meeting at AXA Global Healthcare in 2017. By providing medical clinics with modern management software, but also integrating that software with telemedicine, Medlia improves patient engagement and chronic care management.”


“Barcelona-based startup Doctoralia merged with DocPlanner in 2016, creating the largest online health platform in the world. Originally founded in 2007, the Doctoralia healthcare platform connects users with their local healthcare and medical services in over 20 countries.”

We are delighted to see that our members are getting the recognition that they so clearly deserve and will continue to help them in their growth and achievements.
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