BHH Important Announcement – Covid19

Dear Partners,

Due to the exceptional public health alert situation caused by Covid-19 (coronavirus) and following the recommendations of the health authorities, at Barcelona Health Hub we have decided to adopt the following measures:

Working Remotely
The Barcelona Health Hub team will continue to perform its activity by working remotely while the development of the alert advises caution.
For any contact, email will be the most efficient method. For general inquiries, we advise you to write to the following email address:

Any public activity organised by Barcelona Health Hub for the coming weeks to a new date.
All face-to-face meetings at Barcelona Health Hub until a new date.

We strongly recommend that all residents of Barcelona Health Hub
Postpone or cancel their participation or organisation of meetings and events that cannot be held virtually.

Extreme Hygiene Measures
Just as important is taking care of and protecting ourselves in order to contain the virus. For this reason, and following the recommendations of all national and international health organisations, we must take extreme hygiene measures. Proper hand washing, respiratory hygiene, and avoiding close contact with people who have respiratory infections, or who have been in contact with probable or confirmed cases, are fundamental to protecting ourselves, and to protecting our loved ones.
If you believe that you have been directly exposed to the virus or that you may be infected, take extreme measures to protect yourself, as well as your personal and work environment, and go to the health authorities so that they can activate the emergency mechanisms that allow us take appropriate action.

As this is an exceptional situation, we will be following developments very closely and decisions will be made based on the advice of the authorities.

Here you will find the latest communications of the WHOSpanish Ministry of Health and Catalan Health Authorities.

From Barcelona Health Hub we want to guarantee the health of our colleagues and to contribute to the Coronavirus containment measures.


Warmest Regards,

Barcelona Health Hub

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