#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – DKV

DKV has launched, in collaboration with different entities, several solidarity initiatives to mitigate the effects of the health and social crisis resulting from the Covid-19.

It launched #MédicosFrentealCOVID, which offers free telemedicine to everyone to resolve medical doubts. Through the app “Quiero cuidarme Más”, doctors volunteer to make their time available for online consultations. This way, they help to decongest the system.

The #NingúnMayorSolo initiative responds to the demand for psychosocial support that many older people may have. They have been isolated from their families in the current health and social crisis.

Also, DKV created a special website with the aim of providing families with information and tools to take care of their emotional health. In this way, the website helps to take care of their health, not only physically but also emotionally.

For more information in Spanish, please read this.

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