#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Elma

Elma, a digital health insurance company, assists more than 100 companies and up to 150.000 employees, offering them digital health care services.

The company has not stopped growing in recent weeks. The number of consultations has multiplied by seven due to the confinement and the Covid-19 crisis. This is thanks to companies that support and contribute to the health of their employees by remote medical consultations.

Furthermore, since the state of alarm was decreed in Spain, the number of Elma users has increased fivefold. This change in user behaviour has completely evolved in recent days. The platform attends many consultations related to other pathologies. Its users start to use it as a real alternative for going to the hospital. That is either because of the collapse in the hospital centers or because they want to avoid being infected while they are in a hospital.

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