#BHHSummit Video – Interviews: Francesca Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer at Almirall and Ambassador at Barcelona Health Hub

Francesca Wuttke, the first-ever Chief Digital Officer at Almirall and Ambassador at Barcelona Health Hub, explains that her new role was born from the necessity of a digital transformation of the whole company. This includes areas such as back-office process automation, the creation of a data architecture and infrastructure in partnership with IT or to provide solutions that will help near-term launches from a commercial perspective and better manage efficiencies in clinical trials. In addition, advanced analytics platforms will help Almirall to curate real world data in order to enhance patient outcomes and improve internal processes including drug discovery.

She also discusses the need to promote accelerators inside biopharma companies, since they give startups a better chance to succeed while injecting a much needed entrepreneurial spirit into larger organisations. The Digital Garden powered by Almirall aims to do just that in the dermatology field; five different startups have won the opportunity to work under the Digital Garden wing for a year, to help them grow faster and with more tools. All five participants in the first harvest of the Digital Garden will get settled this week at Barcelona Health Hub headquarters, at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. BHH is the leading digital health Association that promotes innovation in digital health and its transfer to the sector, linking startups, health organizations, companies and investors.

To watch the full interview, please click here.


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