#BHHSummit Video – Interviews: Marion Chalumeau, Head of Digital and Innovation at Novartis

Marion Chalumeau, Head of Digital and Innovation at Novartis Oncology, speaks about their recent partnership with Microsoft and the last improvements in cancer treatment.

The agreement between Novartis and Microsoft is aimed to bring AI into the organization. Marion explains that they are combining huge knowledge in biology with huge knowledge in data science; the goal is to keep evolving this long term project that is innovation.

Novartis is proving different methodologies for internal use as they want their associates to have a wider access to different new technologies. On the other hand, the company also intends to accelerate their R&D to have a new way of working and accelerating the clinical trials, among others.

Marion explains that during the last three years Novartis has greatly improved the cancer treatment options thanks to digital health. She thinks they are changing the natural history of the cancer through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

To watch the full interview, please click here

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