#BHHSummit Video – Interviews: Noaa Barak, 4YFN Strategy Manager at GSMA

Noaa Barak, 4YFN Strategy Manager at GSMA, speaks about the role that 4YFN plays in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) week that takes place at Barcelona every year.

Noaa explains that MWC is the global event where the entire telecommunication industry meets yearly, it is about the big corporations. What they do at 4YFN is try to provide a stage where startups can shine during the MWC week in Barcelona.

Their main goal is not focusing only on mobile phones but also on everything digitally connected. With the digital transformation of healthcare there is a huge demand for innovative solutions that help to connect healthcare professional devices for patients in need, for example.

She also states that 4YFN is a great occasion to meet investors specifically interested in digital startups, since they have a range of business angel investors who are there to work with the more early-stage startups. At 4YFN these kind of investors start exploring future collaborations, so it is a huge opportunity for the ecosystem as a whole.

Barcelona Health Hub will be present at 4YFN for the first time this year with the biggest structure of digital health -30 companies of our ecoystem co-exhibiting with Barcelona Health Hub-. We will be based at 4YFN – Hall 2 from 24th to 26th February. We encourage everyone to visit us there!

To watch the full interview, please click here

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