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Bitac has recently been featured on La Vanguardia newspaper

Mireia Rodríguez, Co-Founder and Business Development Director at Bitac; and Toni Mas, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Bitac, had been featured on La Vanguardia national newspaper Bitac, a startup member of Barcelona Health Hub, was founded in 2008 with the purpose of helping health companies to translate their data to international standards. From Bitac,.

Barcelona Health Hub moving further for the global sustainable development

Barcelona Health Hub, leading global digital health ecosystem, is moving further for the global sustainable development. As the effects of climate change become more tangible, they are reshaping the conversation -at the kitchen table, across generations, and at the global level-. Climate change is a macro-critical issue requiring international cooperation. The good news is that.

Season’s Greetings From Barcelona Health Hub

The effort has been intense and the results more than positive. Therefore, we want to say goodbye 2019 thanking you for your support and confidence in our global project. We welcome 2020 with many goals reached and many others to achieve. And we believe that this is the good thing: keeping the enthusiasm of facing.

BHHInvestorsDay’ reviews & photo album are now available!

The first edition of BHHInvestors Day took place the last 12th of December at BHH headquarters, gathering more than 130 attendees from Spain and abroad. We hosted a great panel discussion with the presence of relevant investors, who gave very interesting insights about Investment Trends and Challenges in Digital Health. Also,10 selected startups presented their.

Barcelona Health Hub reunites more than 130 Investors and Startups in Digital Health in the first edition of BHHInvestorsDay

Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site has hosted the first edition of BHH Investors Day, in which 10 startups have presented their projects to leading Venture Capital and corporate companies in digital health. BHH Investors Day, organized by Barcelona Health Hub (BHH), in the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, held its first edition this morning. 10.

Ferrer&Ojeda visits Barcelona Health Hub

We had the pleasure to receive the visit of Carmina Homs, CEO at Ferrer&Ojeda and Lluís Ferrer, Chairman at Ferrer&Ojeda, at Barcelona Health Hub headquarters. They wanted to learn more about our global digital health ecosystem, which was founded just one year ago. We are now more than 160 members, and growing. Ferrer&Ojeda is a.

Bitac participates in the Infoday on Health and Biomedicine Languages Technologies

Within the TL Plan, on December the 2nd, the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement – SEAD, together with the National Supercomputing Center (BSC), organized in Barcelona an Infoday on Language Technologies, with special attention to the field of Health and Biomedicine. The latest advances of the TL Plan, the resources and linguistic infrastructures generated.

Digital Garden by Almirall: The five choosen start-ups that will be based in Barcelona Health Hub

The start-ups share Almirall’s purpose of transforming the patients’ world by helping them and realizing their hopes and dreams for a healthy life, through a focus on digital innovation as a tool to accelerate the delivery of breakthrough solutions for a healthy life. These startups are derma2go, HautAI OU, Intrepid Analytics, AutoDerm and Uvisio. Find more about them here

Everis holds its International Insurance Committee at Barcelona Health Hub

Last week Everis held its biannual International Insurance Committee in the city of Barcelona with a special focus on its Health strategy for the insurance market. On this occasion they chose the facilities of Barcelona Health Hub for the realization of its committee with the participation of the main insurance partners of the European market..

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