Don’t miss the next Foro Barcelona Capital event about Barcelona Capital of Digital Health on April 20

Barcelona is the capital of innovation, talent creation, entrepreneurship, start-ups and, of course, it is also a benchmark in the field of health. Sectors such as the pharmaceutical or the insurer are two of the driving forces behind the economic fabric of the territory. Digitization has also burst into this field with force, giving rise to.

Made of Genes launches ONE, the new biological and genetic study – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Made of Genes, the company that offers a unique personalised health service, launches its new product ONE, the unification of its health studies, Vital Nutrition, Vital Sport and Vital Well-Aging. ONE is the most innovative molecular study that integrates a blood test, a DNA test and a professional interview to know at all.

CIMTI has launched an Open Call for Innovation

Recently, CIMTI has launched an Open Call for Innovation. It is addressed to proposals of multidisciplinary teams that offer innovative solutions in the health and social field such as medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and eHealth. These proposals may come from SISCAT entities, CERCA centers, companies or other entities that emerged from the Catalan health.

#BHHMembersInitiatives: BHH member Microptic organizes webinar about “The Importance of Microscopy for Spermatologists”

BHH member Microptic organizes a new free webinar on March 18th at 12am CET about “Importance of Microscopy for Spermatologists“. Prof. Gerhard van der Horst (PhD, PhD) will address various topics, including the relationship between theoretical aspects of microscopy/optics and the practical use of the microscope. He will also talk about the importance of correct.

Sign up for Esade’s webinar “The impact of technology on the transformation of the healthcare sector”

Next week, Barcelona Health Hub‘s president Cristian Pascual will participate in the webinar “The impact of technology on the transformation of the healthcare sector: Future, opportunities and success stories in telemedicine and artificial intelligence”. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the take-off of the digital economy and telemedicine, as well as the emergence and consolidation.

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