Nubentos takes number 1 position in world ranking of API for Covid-19

Barcelona Health Hub’s member Nubentos has risen to the number 1 position in the world ranking of API for Covid-19, a classification developed by APImetrics. Nubentos specializes in APIs for healthcare, in software integration mediator for innovations in connected health and to promote B2B interoperability throughout the health ecosystem. Connected Health (mHealth, Wearables, Telemedicine, IoMT,.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Citizen Personalised Health Communication

During the current crisis of Covid-19, many people and many companies have taken a step forward. They have put themselves in the front line of the fight against this disease, risking their health and their lives, working beyond their means, so that the rest of us could have hope. Nurses, doctors, deliverymen, cashiers, firemen, policemen,.

#BHHMembersInitiatives featured by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This challenging time of Covid-19 has an impact on many families and businesses. Amazon Web Services (AWS) doesn’t stop to work closely with their clients to support them as they continue to offer their services and solutions despite the complex times. Recently, they wrote an interesting article about the efforts of some of their clients.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Flomics

Flomics has joined forces with international biotech partners, specialized in Next Generation Sequencing tests, to develop a cloud-based data analysis solution for Covid-19 detection and research. Combining the unique features of the different experimental sequencing kits available for SARS-CoV-2 detection (either metagenomics or amplicon based), Flomics maximizes the information extracted from each single experiment performed.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – HumanITcare

In these difficult times of Covid-19, HumanITcare cares about the healthcare professionals. Because although life may seem very different, HumanITcare doesn’t want to give up everything that makes us feel so human. That is why they have released a beautiful short video #SentirnosHumanos to honour all healthcare professionals. HumanITcare can’t imagine the future without them.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Daysk

Since the beginning of lock-down policies, many professionals and companies have been facing new challenges through remote working. Now that adjustments to this new reality has barely begun, Daysk is preparing for the way back to the office, as lock-down restrictions are gradually being lifted. And as always technology can help. Daysk can help to.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Zurich Seguros

Zurich Seguros has launched the campaign #OptimismoZurich, which tries to make the confinement caused by the Covid-19 crisis more bearable. The initiative has been running since mid-March on the Internet and social networks, and has the support and participation of Zurich’s employees. In response to the change in media consumption habits caused by confinement, the.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Digital Insurance Agenda

Digital Insurance Agenda wrote a comprehensive article about the different initiatives of the insurtechs and insurers to help fight the pandemic of Covid-19. Among others, they mention the initiatives of Barcelona Health Hub member Mediktor, that designed a symptom checker able to identify Covid-19 and provide a recommendation on what to do next. Member Savia,.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Community of Insurance

Community of Insurance has launched a comprehensive report on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the prospects for the immediate future. The report combines all the actions underway in the insurance sector and its protagonists. It forecasts the economic and social impact the Covid-19 pandemic will have on all the actors that support this.