#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Derma2go

Responding to the current coronavirus situation, Derma2go offers their online teledermatology platform to dermatologists for free to continue attending their patients online. There are several hospitals and clinics in Germany and Switzerland that are already using this service and Derma2go is open to offer their service to the rest of European countries. They understand that.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – MeetingDoctors

MeetingDoctors provides both technology and medical service via chat and video-call for companies to provide a digital medical consultation solution to their own users, clients or employees. During this Covid-19 crisis, MeetingDoctors is partnering with many corporates to provide free of charge a medical orientation for the population at risk. They are capable to absorb.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Mediktor & Mediquo

@BCNHealthHub #BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19: @Mediktor and @MediQuoApp Today, two companies of the Barcelona Health Hub ecosystem have been featured at @tve_tve @rtve for their digital health solutions regarding #covid19 and their contribution to expand the access to healthcare.  Please, click here to access the video (min 06’10”). 

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – DKV Seguros:

In order to decongest the health system during the coronavirus crisis, DKV wants to offer for free its telemedicine platform for online medical consultations. Their platform is intended for both doctors and patients. Doctors DKV invites all doctors to become a volunteer for the platform, in order to help to decongest the health system. Doctors.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Doctivi

Doctivi, a customizable online telemedicine platform, is offering their service free of charge while maintaining Corona Alert status. Public hospitals in Spain are working with them, such as Hospital del Mar in Barcelona and Consorci Sanitari Integral. They are also helping dozens of private medical centers. You can see how the system works at their.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – GLOBALFINANZ

GLOBALFINANZ sends their new app with free Medical Chat to all their clients. GLOBALFINANZ, the risk consultancy and insurance broker company, is sending to its more than 50,000 customers an app with free Medical Chat so that they can make consultations with more than 8 medical specialties through their mobile, wherever they are and without.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Mediktor

Try Now the New #COVID19 Assessment developed by Mediktor At @Mediktor they want to help healthcare systems around the world, to direct people with suspected infection of #coronavirus to proper care, at the right time. That is whay they have create a solution. Take a look at their #COVID19 Assessment here:

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