DKV creates the Impacta program to support social innovation projects in health with vulnerable groups

The insurer calls the Third Social Sector – foundations, associations – and entrepreneurs to present projects that solve health problems and favour disease prevention in vulnerable groups.

DKV launches, with the help of the start-up accelerator Ship2B, DKV Impacta, an initiative to promote social innovation projects for a healthier world. DKV and its partner Ship2B will choose 5 winners that the insurer will reward with 15.000€ to invest in the projects.

DKV Impacta is an innovative opportunity to develop solutions to problems of social and health vulnerability, since it goes beyond the financing of projects offering professionals from social entities and entrepreneurs who attend the call and are selected, accompaniment, mentoring and training in strategy and business model using different innovation methodologies.

The areas in which the projects will be framed are:

1. The degradation of the environment and the effects of climate change on people’s health.

2. The prevention of any type of diseases that have a more direct impact on groups in exclusion and social vulnerability: people with disabilities, women, children and adolescents / youth at risk, immigrants…

These solutions will be given by entities of the third social sector as foundations / associations or by social entrepreneurs. The call also has a complementary objective of creating a culture of social entrepreneurship and promoting innovation in the third social sector.

The reception of the candidacies begins today Tuesday, February 25 and will end on May 10, and can be done through this link

The communication of the 10 selected will take place at the end of May and in September an event will take place in Madrid to public announce the 5 winners, who will obtain 15.000€ to finance their project.


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