HealthXL Global Gathering Barcelona will soon reunite the world’s leading healthcare innovators

On the 21st of February will take place the HealthXL Global Gathering Barcelona, event whose main goal is to connect the most accomplished healthcare leaders, the ones shaping the digital health industry. Luis Badrinas, CEO Barcelona Health Hub & Community of Insurance, will be one of the main speakers.

HealthXL brings together the information and expertise needed to address complex healthcare challenges by offering a private platform which delivers evidence-based insights from a select community of global experts.
The community comprises of healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device industry visionaries, clinicians, investors, researchers and entrepreneurs. Since 2014, HealthXL have been helping our customers such as Abbott, Bayer, BMS, Bupa, Cleveland Clinic, CSIRO, Florida Blue, IBM, Imperial College Health Partners, Partners Healthcare and Pfizer, break down the hype and understand and act on the commercial opportunities provided by digitization.

The Global Gathering is an invite-only event of the world’s leading healthcare innovators. The objective of the event is to introduce the hand selected attendees (80) from HealthXL and Almirall’s wider community to the Digital Health environment and explore innovation within healthcare. The attendees are interested to learn what digital therapeutics is currently underway at Almirall and is there an opportunity to partner and collaborate in the future.

These are the benefits of attending the event:

● Meet leaders and innovators from HealthXL’s extended community

● Provide a platform for digital health experts to present to a healthcare audience

● Explore companies and startups making discoveries in relevant areas

● HealthXL to showcase their offerings, provide introductions and identify needs of each attendee

The HealthXL community is made up of global healthcare innovators and experts from health service and hospital executives, investors, accelerators & incubators, pharma companies, health insurance companies, industry associations and not-for profit organisations.

Barcelona is not only known for its architecture, food and beaches, but also for its advancements in biotech research, healthcare services and a thriving start-up scene. In this session, we want to explore through the eyes of the local movers and shakers why Barcelona is the right place to be for digital health, what opportunities it presents, and outline some of the successes to date.

The showcase will be carried out by Almirall Digital Garden‘s startups: UVisio, Derma2go, First Derm, Intrepid Analytics and Haut.AI. The Digital Garden powered by Almirall allows startups focused on developing innovative technology-based services and solutions to play a relevant role in tackling dermatology challenges. Five start-ups have been chosen for the first cohort of this 9-month acceleration program based in Barcelona Health Hub.


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