Introducing Some of Our Newest Startup Members

Our ecosystem is growing and expanding; reaching further corners of the World and more and more specialties within the health sector. We love to encourage connections between our members and to give them the opportunity to pitch their ideas and projects to the rest of the ecosystem. We take this article as an opportunity to introduce to you 5 new startups who recently joined Barcelona Health Hub.


Plyzer Intelligence

Plyzer Intelligence is an advanced solution based on Artificial Intelligence that provides a customizable dashboard which companies and brands can control their products online and improve their market knowledge.
Plyzer Intelligence analyzes millions of URLs from online marketplaces to provide, to a brand or company in real-time, critical pricing and market data across all its online sales channels under one dashboard. This tool will significantly assist a company in controlling point of sale, monitoring what images are displayed on reseller’s websites, ascertaining the accuracy of descriptions used, and conducting an ongoing competitive analysis of its omnichannel strategy versus its major competitors.

Customers like ACOFARMA and ISDIN have trusted in Plyzer Intelligence already.
Moreover, Plyzer would like to invite you to their event “DATA FOR BREAKFAST” on the 27th of September, at their offices in Gracia. “We will speak about the need for Pharma companies operating in hyper-competitive markets to take advantage of their online market information, as well as the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques, to improve business strategies.”

For more information contact: Elise Richon |



Everhealth specializes in telemedicine. It is a leading business in healthcare through technology, which is born from the need to connect doctors with patients, at the time when the need arises and from wherever the patient may be. Its main objective is to look out for the health and wellbeing of patients in an immediate manner.

Everhealth is present both in Spain and in Latin America and offers two principal services. Firstly, KIDSCARE, is a service offered in over 200 education centres in Spain, including nurseries and schools, which provides healthcare to school children and teachers, thus allowing parents and teachers to have peace of mind. Secondly, PEOPLECARE is directed at private individuals, businesses, geriatric residences and big consultancy and insurance firms. Its aim is to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of employees in their company, thereby enhancing a feeling of belonging and being comfortable at work.



Zensei is a symptoms diary app for respiratory health targetted at users suffering asthma; COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and allergic rhinitis. It answers a variety of questions through the digital phenotype data (surroundings, habits, social factors, medication and perceived health) of respiratory patients.

The questions the app answers are:

  1. What are the triggers of my respiratory symptoms?
  2. How will I feel/breathe tomorrow?
  3. Can I help my doctor to make better decisions or reach more accurate diagnoses based on my collected data?
Being able to answer such questions with data, the digital phenotype allows Zensei to be experts in the psychology and behaviour of the user or respiratory patient.
Finally, in 2019, Zensei came first place in the Healthcare Services category of the Go Health Awards 2019!


Goo Medical is a subsidiary of Goo Apps. The firm has become established as one of the national companies with the greatest growing potential in the subject of mobile applications for the medical industry: mHealth. Goo Medical creates mobile applications that have been proposed and developed side by side with healthcare organisations and, as a result, achieves a higher chance of success. Some of their projects include Time Care, a simple app to manage a team of healthcare professionals; Checklist; GooCampus; SmartConf…
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