Get on board with the #YoPacienteDigital project now!

A few weeks ago, Barcelona Health Hub and ESADE launched together the comprehensive #YoPacienteDigital project. It will propose international success stories and proposals for improving the Spanish healthcare system through telemedicine. Our aim is to present it to the authorities in order to influence the regulation of virtual medical consultation.

This project is important for the entire digital health ecosystem. We invite all its members, such as corporations, start-ups, hospitals, universities, investors and institutions, to join to improve the healthcare system.

We can already count on the support of many of our partners and members, such as Community of Insurance, Sanitas, Global Finanz, FIATC Seguros, Pérez Pombo Abogados & Economistas, AXA Seguros, Osigu, Forcemanager, Airapy and Vall d´Hebron.

Is your company interested to contribute to this important #YoPacienteDigital project? It’s not too late to join us! Send an email to and find out more about the possibilities.

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