Mediquo Wins Sanofi’s 3rd Edition of their Hackathon; Health-U.

Last week, our member mediQuo participated in the two days long Hackathon; Health-U, organized by Sanofi and became victorious. We took this opportunity to interview Ana Hernández, part of mediQuo’s team, who participated in the event.

What is your role in Mediquo?

I am part of mediQuo’s Management Team as Chief Marketing Officer, and I have been part of the team since mediQuo was first founded.

Could you explain what Mediquo’s project or mission is?

Nowadays, mediQuo is the leading health conversation platform and our mission is to become the managed marketplace where digital health happens.

The project was first started because we identified a crucial necessity within society. The necessity we identified was that of each individual to have a friend in medicine to whom they could ask questions or from whom they could receive medical advice instantly, avoiding bureaucracy. Someone who would care for their health and their family’s health without waiting lists. From the identification of this need mediQuo is created; a startup which breaks into the market with the intention of revolutionizing the healthTech sector and the objective of allowing everyone in the world to have a friend in medicine on the palm of their hands.

MediQuo is medicine’s WhatsApp; an app that brings to its users a medical chat service, open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. It works as a chat service through which users can speak to certified doctors and health professionals from 12 different specialties and receive an answer to their messages in under two minutes, whenever they choose and wherever they might be. Through the chat, users can send pictures, videos, analytics and medical reports, thus allowing professionals to be up to date on their progress and know how the patient is feeling.

How do you feel about your experience participating in Sanofi’s Health-U?

Health-U was a very interesting experience where we had the opportunity to meet other startups in the health sector and to spend a couple of days working directly with professionals from a big corporate enterprise as is Sanofi. For us, being able to see that there are various possible ways to collaborate with Sanofi and being able to carefully study the feasibility of different collaboration agreements, as well as the interest that both parts could have on such collaborations, was incredibly interesting. We hope that this will culminate in a collaboration that is beneficial for both parties involved.

Both yesterday’s victory and the rapid increase in active user profiles in mediQuo’s app since its launch are fantastic accomplishments; what do you think you have done correctly as a Chief Marketing Officer to contribute to such accomplishments?

Since before having launched the product to the market, in mediQuo we have placed emphasis on carefully curating our brand and defining our values very clearly in order to easily convey them in all of our communication activities, as part of the product and whenever we approach clients. This has allowed us to establish the brand as one of reference in the sector of communication between patients and healthcare professionals. Moreover, it has allowed us to be inbetween the top 4 apps in the store with over 3.700 ratings of 4,5 out of 5 stars. We have worked hard to increase the number of clients we have reached and to improve the brand’s position in the market. This, I consider an accomplishment of mediQuo’s team as a whole, who works incredibly hard every day in order to further develop, offer and take good care of mediQuo’s service. We still have a long way to go and will continue to work on constantly improving the product and growing towards other functions that we hope we can present to you and the clients very soon.

Knowing that traditionally careers in technology are more commonly pursued by men, what would you say to younger women to encourage them to pursue a career in tech?

You must work to achieve dreams and attempt to improve daily. It is hugely important to put effort into becoming whoever you want to become and persistently trying to be that person. Furthermore, academic and professional training is invaluable and in this sector you must be up to date with new technologies and be commercially aware of where the sector is headed.

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