New challenges of the Ferrer 4 Future (F4F) innovation program

Ferrer‘s Digital Health and Technology department launches the new challenges of the Ferrer4Future (F4F) innovation program for spring 2020.

The initiative invites start-ups and companies in the field of digital health to develop health solutions through the use of novel technologies. From the 25th May to the 28th August, companies can propose digital solutions that respond to the 3 challenges:

  • Care for patients with movement disorders;
  • Reduction of dependence in patients with cognitive behavioural disorders;
  • Support for finding the optimal dose of analgesia in patients with chronic pain.

Ferrer4Future is an open innovation program that aims to empower entrepreneurs and digital health businesses to develop disruptive health solutions through the use of digital technologies. The F4F program is tailor-made, depending on the nature of each project and the degree of maturity of the solution proposed by the start-up. The duration can vary between 3 and 18 months. Access is guaranteed to Ferrer’s mentors and experts in order to speed up the creation of the solution.

The process begins with a careful selection of the proposed solutions to the challenges posed. The start-ups defend their solutions in front of a committee of experts from Ferrer, who selects the winners. The winners then participate in the Ferrer4Future program, which includes the possibility of piloting the solution in a real use case and the possibility of exploring commercial alliances and collaborations with Ferrer.

If you think you have a novel solution to one of their challenges, please don´t hesitate. Check out the website and apply!

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