New Collaboration Agreement with TIC Salut Social to Promote Innovation in Digital Health

We are thrilled to announce the signature of a collaboration agreement with Foundation TIC Salut Social and thus the further expansion of our global ecosystem!

Yesterday we finalised our collaboration agreement with TIC Salut Social. The establishment of a collaborative relationship should enable both parties to continue working on promoting innovation in digital health and the transfer of new technologies to the health sector.

Given the commonalities in the projects of Barcelona Health Hub and TIC Salut Social, this is an exciting expansion of our ecosystem which provides more and stronger links to the local sector specifically, and thus strengthens the global positioning of both entities.

As TIC Salut Social’s website explains “The fact that Catalonia has a public system of universal healthcare, in conjunction with a wide variety of agents, supplier organizations and subsidiary industries, means the health sector is in a perfect position to act as an innovator and economic catalyst for new technologies”

We believe that collaborative relationships with foundations that are strongly established in the locality are extremely beneficial to the ecosystem as a whole, and we are delighted with the broad range of experience that TIC Salut Social has achieved as well as their detailed knowledge of ICT implementation in Catalonia which they have broadcasted in their yearly ICT Reports, since 2007.


About TIC Salut Social

TIC is the catalan acronym for Information and Communication Technologies. The Foundation TIC Salut Social is an organism of the Health Department of the Government of Catalonia which works to promote the development, innovation and implementation of TIC technologies in the health and social sectors. The Foundation observes new trends and follows the emergence of new projects and initiatives closely and, it also offers standardization and product approval services.

About Barcelona Health Hub

From left to right: Josep Carbó, Vice President of Barcelona Health Hub, Sílvia Cufí, Director of Corporate Development at TIC Salut Social, Josuè Sallent, Director at TIC Salut Social and Gina Farrús, Chief Communications Officer at Barcelona Health Hub

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