Next #BHHSeries virtual event on May 20 at 5pm: Seguros Inteligentes conectados: la tecnología al servicio del seguro

Join us for the next #BHHSeries virtual event, organized by Barcelona Health Hub & Community of Insurance, that will be held on Wednesday May 20 at 5pm to learn more about “Seguros Inteligentes conectados: la tecnología al servicio del seguro”.

In 2018 Community of Insurance launched the concept of “Seguros Inteligentes Conectados”. It aims to impulse the connection between technology and insurance for a better adaptation to its customers, and the improvement of people’s lives.

The contribution of the Internet of Things (IoT), for a better knowledge of the customer’s behaviour and the protection of his goods, aims at improving people’s lives. At the health level, prevention is becoming more and more key. The insurance sector is adapting to the new generations, consumers of new technologies with different expectations to those of their parents or grandparents, with constant improvements for a greater push towards healthy living. Prevention, energy cost savings and better knowledge of the behaviour of policyholders and their assets, in order to enrich the company’s big data to be able to offer personalised services in accordance with the characteristics of the customers.

The development of new technologies in recent years has led the insurance sector to digitize its services, both internally to streamline processes and control costs, and externally to offer greater convenience to its customers and end users as well as better outcomes.

This week’s event is moderated by Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub & Community of Insurance, and powered by Ikou Studio. We’ll talk with experts from the sector:

This episode will be in Spanish. We hope to see you this Wednesday May 20 at 5pm here!

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