Opinat joins Barcelona Health Hub to enhance its measurement of customer experience in the health sector

Opinat joins Barcelona Health Hub to enhance its measurement of customer experience in the health sector. The main goal is to promote Net Promoter Score® (NPS) system as a tool to measure and manage patient perceptions in the various services and care areas of any health center.

Opinat has developed a technological tool to manage the whole measurement and quantification process as well as the patient’s voice, from the start to the end. The result is an innovative system that allows managers to be the first to know when they have dissatisfied patients, enabling them to act immediately and thus avoid reputational problems. All this takes place through integration processes and always in real time.

Joining Barcelona Health Hub will allow Opinat to get in touch with different companies in the sector in order to create synergies, and also learning the best ways of measuring client and patient experience, both at B2C and B2B levels.

Opinat’s experience in the sector, with more than 200 health centers linked to its technology platform, will also become a meeting point for companies in the sector to learn about best practices on issues relating to customer experience.

About Opinat

Opinat was founded in Barcelona in 2010. The company is dedicated exclusively to the implementation of customer experience measurement projects through the NPS© system. Opinat operates in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile. However, as a 100% cloud company, they have the capacity to operate in any country in the world.

Their client portfolio has a vertical channel dedicated exclusively to the health sector, where they implement NPS© projects in all kinds of health centres. With more than 200 centers linked to their system, they are leaders in NPS© measurement in the health area.

About Barcelona Health Hub

BHH is a non-profit association founded in 2018, whose purpose is to accelerate the transformation in digital health, fostering the interaction between startups, health corporations and investors. The organization’s goal is to become an international reference center in digital medicine, attracting innovation and talent.

In only one year, the Association has more than 160 members from wolrdwide (corporates, startups, investors, health institutions and universities), who enjoy and participate regularly in BHH digital health events and networking activities.

The entity is located in the impressive architectural complex devised by the Lluís Domenech i Muntaner, which was the Santa Creu and Sant Pau Hospital for almost 100 years. It occupies more than 2000 square meters of the Sant Manel Pavilion, combining Art Nouveau with the latest technology in coworking and showroom spaces.

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