Globalfinanz’s insurance program provides great opportunity for BHH members

Globalfinanz, as a partner of Barcelona Health Hub, is in a position to advise companies in the structuring of the most appropriate Insurance Programs, with the best companies, coverage and prices, thus safeguarding their business and family assets. It is important to emphasis that being an entrepreneur involves many risks of all kinds and vulnerability.

Globalfinanz discusses “Keys to insurance for directors and executives in the current situation”

This week, BHH member Globalfinanz participated in a hybrid conference on “The keys to insurance for directors and executives in the current situation”, hosted by the Centro Riojano in Madrid. This conference, with the participation of Mr. Jose Antonio Jareño, partner and founder of Globalfinanz, Ms. Sandra Jiménez, risk consultant of Globalfinanz and Mr. José.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – GLOBALFINANZ

GLOBALFINANZ sends their new app with free Medical Chat to all their clients. GLOBALFINANZ, the risk consultancy and insurance broker company, is sending to its more than 50,000 customers an app with free Medical Chat so that they can make consultations with more than 8 medical specialties through their mobile, wherever they are and without.