HumanITcare launches a guide explaining 5 tips to foster patients’ adherence to treatment – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member HumanITcare is an Artificial Intelligence platform for telemonitoring patients, with the aim of achieving better and faster clinical decisions and preventing relapses and worsening of the disease. One of the elements they consider irreplaceable in health monitoring is adherence. That is why HumanITcare has analysed which techniques can help patients to better adhere.

humanITcare’s webinar on June 22 about results and experiences in the new era of digital health – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Do you want to know first-hand the experiences of professionals and the results obtained in the new era of digital health in which we live? Don’t miss the next webinar of BHH member humanITcare next Tuesday June 22nd at 6pm CET! In this online event, they will talk with a panel of experts about the new.

HumanITcare launches new promo video

This month BHH member HumanITcare released a video explaining how they are doing a great job in improving healthcare, now more than ever in this pandemic. HumanITcare is a Remote Patient Monitoring platform that helps doctors have a remote follow-up of patients using medical devices and telemedicine. The platform collects and analyzes real-world data, using.

BHH Member HumanITcare wins Award!

Recently, Barcelona Health Hub’s member HumanITcare has been awarded as the Best Business Initiative 2020 of Catalonia by AIJEC Young Entrepreneurs of Catalonia. Since 1993, AIJEC has been promoting the Young Entrepreneur Awards to recognize the work, effort and perseverance of young Catalan entrepreneurs capable of generating jobs and promoting business projects. During this time,.

Try telemonitoring chronic patients for free with HumanITcare

HumanITcare is a platform that collects and analyzes real-world data, using artificial intelligence to provide objective health monitoring. At the moment humanITcare provides a great opportunity for healthcare professionals to get to know their digital health solution. HumanITcare gives you a 30 days trial period for free, so you be able to telemonitor chronic patients..

#BHHMembersInitiatives featured by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This challenging time of Covid-19 has an impact on many families and businesses. Amazon Web Services (AWS) doesn’t stop to work closely with their clients to support them as they continue to offer their services and solutions despite the complex times. Recently, they wrote an interesting article about the efforts of some of their clients.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – HumanITcare

In these difficult times of Covid-19, HumanITcare cares about the healthcare professionals. Because although life may seem very different, HumanITcare doesn’t want to give up everything that makes us feel so human. That is why they have released a beautiful short video #SentirnosHumanos to honour all healthcare professionals. HumanITcare can’t imagine the future without them.