Nubentos takes number 1 position in world ranking of API for Covid-19

Barcelona Health Hub’s member Nubentos has risen to the number 1 position in the world ranking of API for Covid-19, a classification developed by APImetrics. Nubentos specializes in APIs for healthcare, in software integration mediator for innovations in connected health and to promote B2B interoperability throughout the health ecosystem. Connected Health (mHealth, Wearables, Telemedicine, IoMT,.

#BHHMembersInitiatives to fight against #Covid19 – Nubentos

Nubentos introduced QuaranTIME API, a solution for the containment and anonymised tracking of Covid-19 infections. This API is at the core of the QuaranTIME Integrated Solution for a full development of an integrated system for optimal management of population in long periods of quarantine. This API will be available soon. This is the second resource.

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