Almirall’s CEO visits Barcelona Health Hub

Today, 29th of August 2019 we received a visit from the CEO of Almirall accompanied by its CDO, and the Head of External Communications and Digital Outreach

In the picture from left to right: Noel Ortiz Becerra, Almirall’s Head of External Communications & Digital Outreach; Peter Guenter, Almirall’s CEO; Francesca Domenech Wuttke, Almirall’s Chief Digital Officer; Cristian Pascual, President and Co-founder of Barcelona Health Hub and Luis Badrinas, CEO of Barcelona Health Hub. 

Given the shared interests between Almirall and Barcelona Health Hub, specifically, the interest in innovation in the health sector which can be transferred for the direct benefit of the patient and society, today’s visit was one of high importance to Barcelona Health Hub’s Executive Committee. This visit allowed both entities to discuss the future of the sector and the impacts they can both have as actors in key positions within the sector. Cristian Pascual, President and Co-founder of BHH stated “Almirall is a highly valued member of our association, and we are thrilled to count on the opportunity to find interesting paths of collaboration. We share a vision of the digital health sector and we can see a bright future for this shared vision”.

About Almirall:

Almirall is a skin health-focused global pharmaceutical company which aims to turn their expertise into real solutions for healthcare. Through Science, R&D, agreements & alliances, they are building solid partnerships driven by the shared goal of discovering medical solutions to improve the lives of patients and future generations.

They help you at every point in the pharmaceutical value chain, from development to licensing and successful marketing. A healthy growth has given them the opportunity to focus talent and efforts towards innovation within specialty areas, in particular the treatment of all major skin diseases through our advances in dermatology.

Their firm’s commitment is to build long-lasting partnerships based on reliable and transparent information about their drugs and development projects, while always maintaining an ongoing dialogue that keeps them in touch with the real needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

Their commitment and passion has led to continual growth since they were founded in 1943. Today, their work benefits thousands of healthcare professionals and millions of patients all over the world. They plan to continue to deliver solutions that open up new possibilities for healthcare, working alongside healthcare professionals to help to improve treatment and the quality of patients’ lives.


About Barcelona Health Hub:

BHH is a non-profit association founded in 2018 with the objective of promoting innovation and accelerating the transformation of the digital health sector. This objective is worked towards by promoting interaction between startups, health corporations and investors. The mission of the association is to become a center of international reference in digital health, attracting innovation and talent.

Having been founded less than a year ago, the Association counts on over 90 associated members (startups, corporates, hospitals, universities, health institutions and investors) from around the world. Such members enjoy regular opportunities to participate in digital health events and networking activities.

The entity is located in the impressive architectural ensemble devised by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner which, for almost a century, was the Santa Creu and Sant Pau Hospital. It occupies a space of over 2000 square meters in the Sant Manuel pavilion thus creating a unique combination of Art Nouveau and the latest technologies in both coworking spaces and in meeting rooms.


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