Today’s BHH Pitches & Networking session has been a success!

At Barcelona Health Hub headquarters this morning we held our periodic Pitches & Networking event. All the companies of our global digital health ecosystem are welcome to pitch and explain their company and solution in 4 minutes, and all members are welcome to attend. After the pitches we always offer a healthy brunch. Today we enjoyed the catering of Privat Events.

The speakers were:

Thank you for coming and sharing your projects, it is a pleasure for us to know more about you and your achievements.

We hope to see you soon in Barcelona Health Hub!


Aleksandar Dimitrov, from Ayo


Xavier Lleixa, from Digimevo


Eduard Barroso, from Lambdaloopers


Pol Fernández, from Medxat


Anna Nicolau, from Icaria


Lorena Jané, from Dicus


Javier Oca, from Iomed


Rafael García, from Everhealth


Daniela Clape, from Xpeer


Rafael Vallet, from Lener
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