JULY 24, 2024 BHH Podcast
BHH Podcast - Gebro Pharma

Ricard Castellet discusses Gebro Pharma's journey in digital transformation and how the company is leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery.

JULY 10, 2024 BHH Podcast
BHH Podcast - Capital Cell

Daniel Oliver of Capital Cell shares in this episode his insights into the world of investment in health and biotech startups. Learn how Capital Cell provides a secure and efficient way for investors to buy shares in carefully selected life sciences companies.

JUNE 27, 2024 BHH Podcast
BHH Podcast - Neuroelectrics

Ana Maiques of BHH member Neuroelectrics joins in this episode to explore their groundbreaking work on neurological disorders.

JUNE 6, 2024 BHH Podcast
BHH Podcast - Mediktor

BHH member Mediktor joins in this episode with CEO Cristian Pascual. Listen to Cristian share his journey in revolutionizing healthcare through AI-driven medical triage.